Friday, February 26, 2016

Turn Off The Lights

Due to a concert that I will be attending on the 15th of April, I have been recently obsessed with Panic! At The Disco, obviously. This week, I have been listening to the song, "Turn Off The Lights." This song is not available on iTunes, as it was just a bonus song for their album, Vices and Virtues. It deeply saddens me that it is not available on iTunes. It have a very upbeat sound to the song, the kind of upbeat sound that makes you just want to dance. This song is rather easy to sing too, depending on how wide your vocal range is. Since my vocal range is rather wide, I find the song really easy to sing along to. This song is rather old if you think about it. The song came out in 2011. Although it is an older Panic! At The Disco song, it is still really enjoyable and I highly recommend it to every fan of the band, and to everybody in general.

Turn Off The Lights-Panic! At The Disco

Saturday, February 20, 2016


This week, I have been quoting the song, "Sorry," by Justin Bieber. It lead me to actually listening to the song a couple of times. I am not necessarily the biggest fan of Justin Bieber myself, but I must say that his newer songs are quite catchy and I often catch myself listening to them. I am a big fan of alternative music, as you can see, but listening to new music, such as Bieber's new songs brings out a party side of me. The song Sorry is always playing on our local radio station, and I can see why. The song itself is a fan favorite and is extremely catchy for anyone listening. The song is much loved by people of all sizes and ages. Men, women, and children can listen to the song without worry of profanity or just the song not being good. The songs lyrics are easy to sing along to, and are easy to remember. This is a song that you could remember just by the first best of the song.

Sorry-Justin Bieber

Friday, February 12, 2016

Battle Scars

This week, I have been listening to a song called Battle Scars by Lupe Fiasco. It is a song that really requires you to listen to the lyrics to understand them. If you understand the lyrics, you understand the whole song basically. The chorus of the song is the part that most people actually know, and it is what actually drew me into the song. I have heard the song many times in the past, but as with many songs, I kind of let it fall into the deep part of my thoughts. Since hearing it once again, I feel connected to the song in a physical and emotional form. The song has a strong meaning to it, and some people do get it, and they get it very well. Others may not. Every time I hear this song, it brings tears to my eyes. The song can mean a lot of different things to different people. It could be an old love song for some or a song of one's survival in this world. Someone could tie the song into their struggle with school, work, or basically anything social.

Battle Scars music video

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Won't Go Home Without You

This week, I have been listening to Maroon 5's song, Won't Go Home Without You. The song was released in the 2000's. When I listen to this song, I think of Curious George. I do not know why I thing of the curious little guy, but I just do. The song is kind of a soft love song, one that you would hear on the radio and just start to sing along to. It is an easy song to just sing along to, even if you do not know the song. The melody of the song flows nicely, and is so pleasing to the ear. Lead singer, Adam Levine, has a voice that is so angelic when you hear it, it is so recognizable. The song is one of those songs that you would forget all about, but when you hear it, the memories from the first time you heard it come back and settle back into your mind. It is an unforgettable song that I hope stays with us for a long time.

Maroon 5's Won't Go Home Without You