Friday, February 26, 2016

Turn Off The Lights

Due to a concert that I will be attending on the 15th of April, I have been recently obsessed with Panic! At The Disco, obviously. This week, I have been listening to the song, "Turn Off The Lights." This song is not available on iTunes, as it was just a bonus song for their album, Vices and Virtues. It deeply saddens me that it is not available on iTunes. It have a very upbeat sound to the song, the kind of upbeat sound that makes you just want to dance. This song is rather easy to sing too, depending on how wide your vocal range is. Since my vocal range is rather wide, I find the song really easy to sing along to. This song is rather old if you think about it. The song came out in 2011. Although it is an older Panic! At The Disco song, it is still really enjoyable and I highly recommend it to every fan of the band, and to everybody in general.

Turn Off The Lights-Panic! At The Disco

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