Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bohemian Rhapsody

Alright, I know what you are thinking. I am not writing about the classic Bohemian Rhapsody made by the one and only Queen, I am writing about the live cover made by Panic! At The Disco. This cover of the song is amazing in so many ways. You can hear many different parts of Urie's fantastic vocal range, and it shows how raw and good the song is. The song itself makes everyone want to sing and dance along to it.It goes the same as the original, obviously, but it also has that little twist of Panic! At The Disco charm. It is extremely noticeable in how strong Urie's voice on how brilliant the song is. The live performance also incorporates the whole "band" as the original had also done. It brings in the great artists that we call Panic! At The Disco. It is a truly amazing song.

Bohemian Rhapsody Panic! At The Disco live cover 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dream On

This week, I have been listening to a classic rock song called Dream On by Aerosmith. This song brings back a lot of memories from my childhood as my mother and father both enjoyed it a lot when I was a kid. The song was made in 1973, the year my mother was born, and made number 1 for the first and only time in it's existence. The song has a very recognizable strum line in the beginning, it would be really difficult not to recognize it when it comes on the radio. I believe that this is one of the first songs where Steven Tyler truly showed his famous screaming singing voice. The song has a good meaning to it, and I believe people need to hear more things like that now a days. It is a fairly popular song if you think about it. If you mention the name Aerosmith to a random stranger, they probably will say one of two songs, Dream On and or Sweet Emotion. Both songs are extremely good, and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to listen to older songs or just good music in general. The song is extremely authentic, with Aerosmith's own personal style of rock.

Dream On by Aerosmith

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Don't Stop Believing

This week, in my chorus class, we are singing Don't Stop Believing by Journey for our upcoming concert on March 15. I personally really enjoy the song. It brings back a lot of good memories from my childhood. My dad would always play the song on our way to his job or to Aquatica/SeaWorld in Florida. I do not generally listen to songs that are older than myself, but this song is basically a classic in the rock world. Almost everyone knows the song. Once you hear the first couple of chords in the song, you will automatically know what it is and start jamming along with it. We are singing the Glee version of the song, which is pretty different than the original song, but it is still pretty good. We will be singing the song with the Mayo Middle School choir. The song has been fairly easy to learn, mainly considering the fact that everyone already knows the song.

Don't Stop Believing by Journey