Saturday, March 5, 2016

Don't Stop Believing

This week, in my chorus class, we are singing Don't Stop Believing by Journey for our upcoming concert on March 15. I personally really enjoy the song. It brings back a lot of good memories from my childhood. My dad would always play the song on our way to his job or to Aquatica/SeaWorld in Florida. I do not generally listen to songs that are older than myself, but this song is basically a classic in the rock world. Almost everyone knows the song. Once you hear the first couple of chords in the song, you will automatically know what it is and start jamming along with it. We are singing the Glee version of the song, which is pretty different than the original song, but it is still pretty good. We will be singing the song with the Mayo Middle School choir. The song has been fairly easy to learn, mainly considering the fact that everyone already knows the song.

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

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